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Carrie is a native Saint Louisan. A few years back she and her husband Peder settled into their new home. The previous owners had a family of sculptured storks nestled atop the chimney and when they moved they took the set with them. After much research on these charming birds, Carrie found out the sculptures were no longer made and hadn’t been for decades. She set off to have a set made for herself and in the process, realized the opportunity to produce these works of art for the rest of the world.


Vlad Zhitomirsky was born in the Ukraine in 1960. After receiving his Fine Arts degree, Vlad began teaching and working as a sculptor in the Chernivtsi Region of Western Ukraine. In the early 1990’s he emigrated to the United States and made his home in Saint Louis, Missouri. The diversity of Vlad’s experience as a working artist is evident in his artistic and technical skills. Drawing and sculpting are his strengths. Among Vlad’s privately commissioned work, he was commissioned by the Saint Louis Zoo (ranked one of America’s top Zoos), the Indianapolis Zoo, as well as for the Writers Corner in the Central West End. He is also responsible for statues of some of the most famous athletes inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.


Cheminée Nest believes that there is no other organization in the world that cares for our birds, including Storks, more than the World Bird Sanctuary. It is internationally recognized as a rehabilitation, education and conservation center for over 60 species around the world. Cheminée Nest will be donating a portion of its annual profit to this historic organization.


The World Bird Sanctuary's mission is to protect and preserve birds and their habitats through conservation, rehabilitation, education, and advocacy. It's vision is to create a world where birds and humans live in harmony. To learn more about The World Bird Sanctuary,


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