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Cheminée Nest, LLC

How much do they weigh and how tall are they?

The Adult storks weigh approximately 60 lb. & the Baby storks weigh approximately 25-35 lbs. The male adult is 40 in. tall, the female adult is approximately 30 in. tall, the male baby stork is approximately 20 in. tall and the female baby stork is approximately 14 in. tall.


Can I clean the storks? 

The storks can be cleaned with a soft sponge and hot soapy water, rinsed and gently dried off. (But it’s really not necessary, all personal preference).


What does the initial process from the client/designer entail? 

The client or Designer downloads the template for the Nest. The contractor will fill out all the measurements that are applicable on the template form and send to

How are they installed?

Each stork set and nest is custom made, therefore each set is installed according to set, size, and chimney chase material. Any contractor should easily be able to install accordingly. 

What is the paint that is used on the Storks?

The storks are air-brushed with an automotive paint.

Do they rust?

No. Non-ferrous metals do not rust.

How much does the nest weigh?

Each nest is custom made to fit your chimney. Size determines weight. 

What is the nest made of?

The nest is made of Aluminum and powder-coated in a dark bronze hue.


What is the turn around time for the Storks and Nest?

8 months.


Is there an option to light the Nest at night?

Yes, solar-powered lights are available online (not by Cheminée Nest). 

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